LifeBoat 2018 Permaculture Certification Retreats


The retreats will be bi-monthly from June to October

Note:  Study assignments should be completed before the retreats to get the maximal learning experience during the retreats


Learning Journey Preview:  Principals, Practices, Applications, Preparation

Collective Dinner & Sharing

Catch N’ Store (sleep/rest, camp site)


Each Saturday will be a day packed with learning.

5-7 a.m. Breakfast Prep/Observe & Interact ( Sunrise Meditation, Quiet Fast Time)

7 a.m. Breakfast & Collective Clean Up

8 a.m. Learning Journey

11 a.m. Lunch Prep

1 p.m. Lunch and Collective Clean Up

2-4 p.m. Learning Journey & Close Out

When interfacing with others to create a healthy ecosystem , elements &  functions are cultivated to enhance many levels of capital.  Within our communities and networks the economic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well being of the environments we live and work in and people we live and work with are enriched when we consciously design and move from the question…. .who and how can I contribute to the well being of the whole and how does the whole contribute to my well being?


Eco Campus Design Projects:  Re-Designing the  Training Area Commons


Lee A. Burns Forest Garden

Dining Area

Fair Share Edible Landscaping

Ancestral Healing Circle

Berry Beds & Polycultures



Featured Retreat Permaculture Design Applications

(see Learning Checklist)

Rainwater Catchment


Grey water systems




The Parable of the Chicken

Small Scale & Intensive Design Systems

Maximizing Beneficial Relationships

Detailed Integrative Land Design

Passive Solar Design

Energy & Materials Cycling

CommUnity Self Builds

Whole Systems/Indigenousness/Sustainability/Resilience/Restoration


Time Banking*


*Time Banking

All participants are required to invest talent, time, skills to local food system development.  This can be in many forms:  volunteer time to operate Market Days, improve the operations, marketing and promotions of existing Market Day locations, back room/infrastructure work.  This is mandatory as it will assist in the development of ecological practicum team and project development.  Timebank hours will be recorded and will flow into a collectively designated vessel e.g. cooperative shares, trade barter value etc.


The total discounted cost for the LifeBoat 2018 Permaculture Certification Retreats is $625 (includes 1 year of membership to Healthy Food Hub), the non-membership price is $2,400.

Click here to pay.


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  1. Baba Fred/Dr J,
    One of the reasons I want to take the life boat series course on Permaculture is to
    share this information, in an age appropriate manner, with elementary school children, grades 3-7.

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