People Care

Look after self, kin, and community.  That is the basis of people care.  Charity starts at home.  Work out primary relationships with parents, siblings, and children.  Expand people care circle to relatives friends and neighbors.  This is the core of community or “common unity”.   This is the true test of our greater humanity.  In…


What is time banking?  I wrote this blog to help us all understand the concept of time banking.  According to “Timebanking is a kind of money. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one-time credit. … Timebanking happens when a network or circle of members have agreed that they will give and…

Daily Blog

This Blog was set up to interact with members, students and anyone who would like to learn more or share more about agricultural development, urban farming and improving local food resourcing.

LifeBoat Series 2017

Welcome to our Lifeboat series Blog! Here you can learn more about the program and courses, communicate with others who are taking the program and take advantage of all the information, tips and networking opportunities which will be featured on the blog.