The Comfort of Comfrey

The Comfort of Comfrey is a video I created a few years ago in the GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. garden. The video shows how comfrey helped with the growth of vegetable crops in the garden.  Comfrey is a bioaccumulating plant that is beneficial in any permaculture landscape or garden. It has the ability to remove toxins from the soil so other root systems can receive nutrients needed for sustainability.  This plant of wonder is able to provide a vast amount of nutrients to other plants six feet from its base under the soil.  As a result, vegetable crops, herbs and other plant life in a permaculture space are able to thrive in nutrient abudant or nutrient deprived soil setting.  View the video to see the comfort of comfrey.

Comfrey has a plethora of benefits.  It can be considered a medicinal plant for the earth and the body.  It is a mulcher to help decompose for soil amendment, an attractor of pollinators in a garden for fruit crops and a salve for skin ailments.  The Permaculture Research Institute provides an informative article on the abilities of comfrey, the climate zones it thrives in, and how to prepare it for many uses.  With all of its benefits and abilities, comfrey is a one stop shop for the land and all its inhabitants.  

The Black Oaks Center LifeBoat Series course has mentioned comfrey frequently in class discussion and lecture.  For those of us new and familiar with the permaculture lifestyle, this plant of wonder can help in our journeys.  This piece has been written to encourage ourselves to use this plant in our eco-practicum endeavors and our sustainability in the land.  May we be able to share how this plant has shared itself so that we may give to ourselves, each other and the land or in other words practice-Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.  As you learn be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with comfrey in the Black Oaks Center LifeBoat series class.

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  1. We have comfrey plants in our Green Lots Project sites. It is easy to propagate. In my experience, all you need is a small piece. In a few months the comfrey is as big as you need it to be.

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